The market space for most industries despite the domain they operate in is limited. It is not limited not because of geographical boundaries or product categories but limited because of concentration on core competence. There is no such concept as “unlimited” market and with fierce competition, corporate and board room wars are the order of the day. With so many organizations jostling for market share, the ones that achieve their goals are simply identified by their branding and appeal. Branding builds an appeal and the quality of products add to it making it a cyclic process.

This is where the importance of corporate branding or corporate identity sets in. The bigger the business grows, the more its importance becomes. Again, this is a symbiotic process and the more impact a brand creates the more business the organization gets. The process goes on. So, branding or corporate identity should be given a fair and important thought before being finalized and frozen.

As you can understand its impact, branding is not an easy job and required a lot of concentration, research and hard work. The most important part of branding is the logo design and hence the logo designer is very important to n organization looking forward to launch a brand or launch itself. This is so because a logo designer is not just a designer but needs to be a semi-psychoanalyst. He or she needs to get into the shoes of the consumer or the targeted consumer, wear or take on their profiles and find out what appeals and what does not appeal to them. On this side of the table, a professional logo designer also needs to understand the organization’s outlook and its policies and what the organization wants to project itself as.

With such analytical skills, a logo designer needs to design the right logo that can fuel the brand into hyperspace. The importance of having the right logo designer who has an eye for quality as well as innovative design is highly essential to any organization.

Joe Daley
CEO and Logo Designer at