Before going for a war, you need to sharpen your weapons. Other than being inept with soft skills, here you also need to be well equipped with your software knowledge.

Few softwares have been mentioned below which have to be known by every individual before gearing up for any kind of presentations:

1. Microsoft word: This will help you preparing your report and format it properly as per your requirements.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint: The visual aid during a presentation are your PowerPoint slides and so you need to know how to represent text, format text, pictures, graphs and animated effects on the slides. You can also use downloaded PowerPoint templates. Try out using clickable hyperlinked PowerPoint slides.

3. Online YouTube Videos Downloading: You can search for readymade videos online and download it and use it as a demonstration.

4. Windows Moviemaker: Downloaded YouTube videos also sometimes require editing or else you can also make your own videos using this software.

5. Screenhunter: Capture screen shots and use it in your PowerPoint slides.

6. Nero Start Smart: You can also make CD Labels using this software, to add an additional hint of professionalism to your presentations.

Be as professional as possible for your presentations, infact an overdose of professionalism always works in your favor. Usage of laser pointers, bookmarks in reports, wearing blazers during presentations, using self made videos, conceptualized backgrounds….all these may not be expected in a basic presentation, but bombarding such effects in your presentation always makes your presentation stand out and can impress even the toughest of critics.

Always keep in mind that what ever you have done before the actual presentation has to be reflected on the D-Day. Suppose your team has put in maximum efforts in gathering of data, making of reports perfect to the core, but suppose if you forget few points during presentation and you give up half way, and then all your efforts will go unnoticed. Presentations are most of the times spontaneous and cannot be mugged up. The more lines you by-heart, the more fear you develop of forgetting those lines and this sense of consciousness becomes very evident during your presentations making it look completely artificial and bland. The best answer to it is that KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid) just understand what the matter is all about, but then your level of understanding should be very deep enough to be spontaneous and then with the help of those bullet points simply talk over them. This not only makes you feel fearless as well as confident and natural.

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