When walking onto a used vehicle lot do you feel that the salesman think they see a sucker coming? Do they realize that over 50% of the cars that are sold today are bought by the female sector? This may be true but women are still considered not very knowledgeable by the sales staff when it comes to buying a car.

While some women think that choosing a used car means they want a particular color, one that gets the gas mileage they think it should, and definitely not a standard transmission, this is pounced upon by the salesman. The prospective buyer is shown a small car that it would take a man a day and a half to figure out how to get his body to fit in this car. But it is a good deal according to the dealer. After all it gets good gas mileage. But can you go from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds? Not in this car. You may be able to drive a little faster than most people walk but the important thing is other than the clicking noise it is making, this car is in good shape. Do you need a mechanic? Definitely, because that clicking noise may mean major problems.
Have you ever gone to the used vehicle lot and they have tried to pawn a car off on you that looks good but it drives like a car that has been in the demolition derby? They want more than the car’s book value, because it has a good body but it just needs a few little maintenance things done that are routine. At least that is what they tell you and the blue matches your eyes. How would he like to know that I have been helping my father work on cars since I was small? Due to all the helping I have done, I can get my car to start when no one else can. We also have to explain to the mechanic at the garage what is wrong with our car when we bring it in for repair. I am wise to the ploys they use at a pre-owned car lots.
When searching for a pre-owned vehicle, a number of females have found out about the auctions that are held by the government for selling used vehicles. The cars are often from the different agencies within the government and are being updated with new models. The government normally buys new vehicles every three to five years. The used vehicles have had regular maintenance and are a good bargain.
The auctions held by the government sell these vehicles to the highest bidder so it is very likely you can purchase a good used car for a very good price. If they are aware of repairs they will often tell you and you can drive it to see how it feels. Since many of the auctions are either online or in person, the bidding can start quite low. There may be a couple of points you may need to address but the price you pay for this auto will be very reasonable when compared to a pre-owned car lot.

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