“Mom, when can I wear jewelry?” is a common question from preteen girls. Preteen girls seem to want to grow up so quickly – some are so mature it can be hard to imagine that they are just 10 or 12 years old! Every parent knows that their preteen is an individual – so no one answer will be right for every preteen. It is critical to be prepared to answer this question before it comes – so you don’t give a hasty answer that you don’t mean, or gives improper guidelines. Parents also know it is important to make jewelry choices that compliment their preteen current age.

Preteens often love colorful looks. Gemstone jewelry is an ideal choice. Your preteen can even select their birthstone to wear from the different gemstones. What’s fun about wearing birthstones is this is a great conversation starter anywhere your preteen goes – other preteens or even women will ask about their birthstone and birthday and then mention what their birthstone and birthday is. Try David Yurman Inspired Sterling Silver Amethyst CZ Antique Look Bracelet in amethyst color. Or for a “goth” look add the Sterling Silver Garnet CZ Fantasy Spider Pendant in garnet color. Or for a romantic and sweet look add the Silver Blue Topaz Pendant Bracelet in blue topaz color.

Jewelry in charming motifs are ideal for preteens. Preteen jewelry is best when it has a sense of humor or a sweetness to it. Preteens should not wear bold or dramatic jewelry styles meant for the fashion runways or adult fashion styles. Try flowers or animals for an adorable look for your preteen. Many preteens have a favorite flower or animal. Look at the Silver Red Ladybug Charm for a ladybug lover. Add the Sterling Silver CZ Heart Dolphins Bracelet for a dolphin admirer. For the preteen who loves flowers, choose Designer Inspired Sterling Flower Ring.

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